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FileDoggy provides on place for managing all of your free software and notifies you instantly when updates
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14 March 2012

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This is a software tool that helps find out if software installed on a machine has updates published and will help download and install them.

Update Checker scans your machine to find what software are installed in it. It then sends this information including the version numbers of each to the developer database, and checks if updates exist. The tool then displays a update list for you to decide which are the ones you want to update. The application interface can be easily customized. It offers you a choice of 11 skins to choose from. As the utility gathers the necessary information by checking the registry your anti-virus tool might decide that this software is a virus. The developers assure that this is not a virus. So, if you are confident, go ahead and tell the anti-virus to ignore it.

It is thus very convenient as it will keep you notifying about whichever of the installed software has been updated. You would be able to stay current easily. Usually the updates fix security problems, besides the usual list of bugs. It should always be useful from that angle too. Coupled with the fact that typically any user will be using a range of utilities, shareware/freeware and the pre-installed bunch of software utilities, such a tool can save you quite a bit of hassle by letting you keep your software tool set up to date. Add to that scenario, the fact that the browser that you use every day, and so often needs such maintenance. Google`s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can be extremely vulnerable to the latest hacker exploits. Drive-by infection from visiting websites is also fairly common. The malicious code downloaded can create havoc. This is a good product with useful features. If you were looking for a product like this, this could be a good candidate to try out.

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FILEDOGGY.Com is a unique software management tool which is indispensable when it comes to keeping you automatically updated with modified versions of existing installations. is the market leading software management tool which has been developed specifically to manage the plethora of free software tools which the typical computer user will have pre-installed or will install on their computer. Given the large number of free software utilities which are used on the typical machine, there are significant performance and security issues which come from not maintaining software up-to-date. There are significant security issues associated with Internet browsers for instance; failing to maintain browsers such as Google's Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with the latest updates can lead them to being extremely vulnerable to the latest hacker exploits and to drive-by infection from visiting websites which contain malicious code which is surreptitiously download viruses to your computer. Update Checker takes this risk away as it automatically will seek out when updates are available for your installed free software portfolio and advise you of the need to perform an update. This keeps you as fully secured as it is possible to be and at the same time maximizes the performance of the software you have installed.
The new version FileDoggyUpdate have new features. Now you can change the skin style application (11 skin styles) and the language (15 languages) by two mouse clicks!
Update Checker
Update Checker
Version 2.4.10
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